What Does The Name Portia Mean?


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The name Portia is basically of a Latin origin and it literally means offering. This name is usually given to a girl and is generally pronounced as POR-shah. It is also considered being the feminine version of the Roman clan name. The name sounds very much similar are Persia, Porcha, Artia, Horatia, Martia, Myrtia and Tertia.

Some of the well known personalities with this name are Portia Dawson (American actress), Portia de Rossi (Australian-born actress), Portia di Marizini, Portia Simpson-Miller (president of Jamaica's People's National Party), and Portia White (Canadian singer). In terms of astronomy it also refers to the moon of Uranus. And in terms of biology it refers to a genus of the jumping spiders and also the name of a plant that is found in Polynesia.

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