What Does Riviera Mean?


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The term riviera is used to refer to a coastal region which is frequented as a resort locale and by and large marked by a mild climate. The term comes from the Riviera, which is a well known region in south-eastern France as well as in north-western Italy.

It has thus become a fashionable trend to attach the word Riviera to a number of scenic strips of coastland, chiefly semitropical or tropical; generally with the aim to attract tourists to the neighbourhood.

Some of the more noteworthy places that have been designated as a "Riviera" comprise the ever popular French Riviera; the Italian Riviera; Austrian Riviera; Bulgarian Riviera; English Riviera; Mexican Riviera; Santa Barbara, California, occasionally described as the American Riviera; Red Sea Riviera; Turkish Riviera; and Long Beach in New York (known as "The Riviera of the East").

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