What Does Suburban Mean?


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A small town or city that is near a big city. Suburbans don't have as much buildings, people, and busy streets like Urban do instead they have lots of houses.
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Suburbs basically are populated regions situated moreover within a town or city's outer rim or just exterior of its formal limits. The existence of particular elements distinguishes a suburb as a marginal inhabited region with certain self-sufficiency, where the density of population is generally less than that of the inner city region. Suburbs have characteristically developed in areas with plenty of flat land close to a big urban zone.

The term "suburb" comes from the Old French term meaning "subb urbe" and eventually from the Latin term "suburbium" created from "sub" which means under and "urbis" which means wall or walled city.

The initial documented proof documented application of the term, according to the Oxford English Dictionary came in the year 1380 by Wycliffe, where the term "subarbis" was applied.

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