What Does Syndicate Mean?


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Syndicate refers to "a consortium or an association." Though not a rule, it increasingly used to refer to an affiliation of gangsters working for organized crime. A syndicate is also a group of companies dedicating their efforts towards a particular purpose. Syndicate is also a term used in reference to a news agency that sells articles, photographs, or news feature to newspaper and news channels for publication and telecast.

Syndicate is also used as a verb, referring to an act of forming a syndicate or selling articles to publications. Syndicate is also an organization of investment banks that underwrite or guarantee to buy a new securities issue from the issue on a whole-sale basis and resell it to investors. One can also refer to the syndicate as a group of banks that get together to raise medium-term funding for government and various other financial institutions. "Syndicate" is believed to have entered popular English literature for the first time in the later half of the 19th century.

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