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The dictionary definition of bureaucratic is 'of or relating to bureaucrats; characterized by bureaucracy'. Bureaucratic is the adjective of the noun bureaucrat, which itself means 'An official of a bureaucracy'. A bureaucracy is a body of non-elective government and its purpose is to successfully put actions of an organization into place. The organization in question will normally be a large entity such as government or corporations. The bureaucracy will assist in the organization achieving its purpose with the greatest efficiency and lowest cost. The German sociologist Max Weber drew up a definition of a bureaucratic official. It reads as follows: He is personally free and appointed to his position on the basis of conduct, he exercises the authority delegated to him in accordance with impersonal rules, and his loyalty is enlisted on behalf of the faithful execution of his official duties. He also stated that his appointment was dependant upon his technical qualifications, and that his work in an administrative capacity was a full-time post. The work of a bureaucratic official is rewarded with a salary and prospects of advancement in a career that could span a lifetime. He must also exercise reasonable judgment and skill, although he is ultimately responsible for the completion of his tasks and his judgment must not affect the completion of those tasks. Bureaucratic control is the use of rules and regulations to assist and guide performance, and includes budgets, statistical reports and performance appraisals to regulate results. Bureaucrats in the European Union are often called Eurocrats, especially by the English press. In Imperial China, bureaucrats were put through a series of complicated examinations and were then posted throughout the empire. These bureaucrats were known in Europe as Mandarins, the Portuguese for councillor.
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The word "bureaucratic" means "administrative". A person who devotes his or her work to bureaucracy or whose work includes administrative procedure is called a bureaucrat. Often the word relates to a government employee who follows a specific and inflexible process in overseeing the designation allotted to him. To abide by a set of rules, procedures and paperwork with a formal approach is described as being bureaucratic.

The word is an adjective form of the noun "bureaucrat" or "bureaucracy." The latter is derived from the word bureau which means a workplace and not just merely, a writing desk. Bureau is actually a French word which means "the baize" (a woolen or cotton cloth) used to cover desks. The word came into common usage just before the French Revolution of 1789 and then became famous (or infamous) all around the globe. The Greek suffix kratia means "rule" or "authority." Bureaucracy thus essentially means office rule or the power of the office. A narrow minded person is also loosely called as being "bureaucratic."
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This is a person that takes his government job too seriously and has a high regard for his powers in that office. Follows the rules, laws, and regulations to a "T". Has no common sense or compassion for others.
Treats everyone with disdain, thinks that their poop does not smell. I'm sure you have run into this type before.
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It is a classic leadership style that is based on a systems, administration, forms, paperwork, recordkeeping, reviewing, monitoring, discipline and businesslike behaviour.

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