What Does Supra Mean?


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Simply put, supra means "above or over." It can also mean "greater than or higher than." Supra is a prefix. For instance, suprarenal means "above the kidney" while "supramolecular" means "more than one molecule."

The word "supra" comes from the Latin word "suprā," which means "above." Supra is also a term given for legal citation or an academic citation signal put into use when a writer wants to refer the reader to a previously cited reference. For instance, "see supra text adjunct to note 5."

A relational DBMS from Cincom Systems Inc that runs on IBM mainframes and VAXs is called SUPRA. It includes a program that automates the database design process. The word "supra" is believed to have entered popular English literature for the first time in beginning of the 16th century.

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