What Does Dropping The Hammer Mean?


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In the phrase, 'Dropping the hammer' hammer does not indicate the usual tool with a heavy metal part on a long handle. This tool is used for hitting nails into wood or to make something flat or to make a noise. But, the one referred here is related to a gun. Hammer referred here is the part of the gun that hits the explosive charge that fires a bullet. Charge is an explosive put into a gun or weapon. When a gun is cocked , the hammer is pulled back so that the gun is ready to be fired. Thus, when someone pulls the trigger the hammer is dropped onto the cartridge. This fires the bullet.

Thus, the phrase 'dropping the hammer' means to kill someone. Example: during the trial of a famous and well-known criminal, the hot question is not their guilt but whether the judge would drop the hammer or not.
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Dropping the Hammer is similar but inferior in popularity to Cocking the Hammer. The hammer is a small piece in the back of a handgun which snaps forward when shot to light the flint stone and shoot a bullet. It has come into disuse because today most handguns are cocked by pulling on a piece that dominates the size of the gun on top of the barrel.

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