What Does Psychometric Mean?


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The term psychometric is the adjective form of the noun psychometrics. As an adjective it means of or pertaining to psychometrics or psychometry.

Psychometrics refers to that branch of psychology which deals with the administration, interpretation and design of quantitative tests that are used in the measurement of different psychological variables like aptitude, intelligence and personality traits. This field is also known as psychometry. It is chiefly concerned with studying the differences between people. In psychometrics the initial theoretical and applied work was largely undertaken with the aim of measuring intelligence. Individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to this field include L. L. Thurstone, Karl Pearson, Frederick M. Lord, Georg Rasch, and Arthur Jensen.

The adjective forms of the word psychometrics include the terms psychometric and psychometrical. The adverb form of the same is the word psychometrically; while the noun forms are psychometrician and psychometrist.

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