What Does Serratus Anterior Mean?


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Serratus anterior is also known as serratus. It is a muscle in human body found near the trunk. It is seen on the upper eight ribs, on both sides. It extends from the sides to the anterior portion of the chest. Serratus anterior covers anterior vertical part (medial border) of the triangular bone below (scapula) our collar bones.

Boxer's muscle is another name for serratus anterior. When someone hits someone with a punch, the scapula is pulled forward and also around the rib cage. The serratus helps to bring about this action. It also stabilizes scapula. The long thoracic nerve supplies blood to Serratus anterior. It is a branch of Brachial plexus. This nerve travels along the side of the ribs to the lower part of the serratus anterior.

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