What Does Humus Mean?


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Humus is the portion of soil closest to the ground level.  It contains many decomposed organic materials.  It is the fertile portion of soil and is also referred to as the organic portion of soil.

Hummus, which I think you are referring to, is the food made form pureed chickpeas and is often mixed with sesame oil and a variety of spices.  It is used as a spread.
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With this spelling, humus is decomposed (rotted) organic matter which is found in the soil; it can be a form of compost, used to enrich the earth. The adjective from is humic or humous. There is another adjective, humusy, which implies soil that is very rich in humus.

Humus is also one way to spell the name of a Middle Eastern dish (also popular in Greece.) This dish can also be spelled hoummus, hummus or houmous; the original Turkish spelling is hummus. This dish is made from crushed or puréed chick peas mixed with sesame oil and flavoured with lemon, garlic and other seasoning. It is often eaten as part of a starter, or dipped in bread and eaten as a snack. Nowadays hummus is often eaten all over the world, not just the Middle East.

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