What Does Stride Mean?


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The term stride means to walk with long steps, like in a hurry. Stride is also a kind of piano generally used while plying jazz. The typical method was started in Harlem in the year 1919 by Luckey Roberts and James P. Johnson.

It was partly inspired from by ragtime but as a jazz piano idiom, basic characteristics improvisation, blue notes along with swing rhythms which its earlier version did not have. People using this style were mislabelled ticklers but practised an extremely full jazz piano method which had the application of classical devices.

The pianist's left palm could usually play a four-beat pulse along with a bass note or tenth intermission on the primary and third beats, having a cord on the subsequent and fourth beat, or an episodic bass with three solitary notes and then a chord at the same time the right hand plays melodies as well as chords.

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