What Does Stein Mean?


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The word stein literally means stone. It is a shortened form of the word steinzeugkreg, which literally means a tankard which is made of stoneware. The word stein is generally expanded to refer to any vessel which is used for the purpose of drinking. It has a handle and an attached lid. There were also steins that did not have lids. However, these lidless steins were originally intended to have lids that now seem to be missing. The word stein is synonymous with such other words as the mug, the beaker and the pokal.

The word stein is not used with careful precision, according to most English-speaking stein collectors. Though there are many meanings of the word stein, the most accepted definition of a stein is a drinking vessel with a handle and a lid. The lid is often attached to the body. It uses a hinge to open. Set-on lids are, however, also allowed.

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