What Does Steep Mean?


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The word steep is defined as something that has a sharp inclination. It also means to engross (oneself) fully (into something). It is usually used to refer to the cost of something which is exorbitant or something that exceeds the bounds of reason or moderation to a great extent. A steep place as on a hill is also known as a steep. Steep is basically an adjective.

Steep is used to describe a slope, usually one which is set at a high angle. To steep (something) is to let it sit or to allow it to settle down in a liquid in order to extract its flavour or to cleanse it. The solid substance is immersed into the liquid which is at a temperature which is just below its boiling point. The colour, flavour and other qualities of the solid are extracted from it. For example, tea leaves are steeped in boiled water in order to make a cup of tea.

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