What Does Cross Cut Mean?


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Kyoko Katayama answered
Cross cut means to cut across the grain, as in wood.  It has NO relationship to cutting wood at a right angle.  It means to cut across the grain of the wood.
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Swarda Padwal answered
The term cross cut has varied meanings. Cross-cutting is a technique used by film editors to create consecutive shots alternating between multiple actions. a number of present-day movies use this technique to show several actions taking place simultaneously within that particular time period. On the other hand, cross cutting is also used to obtain a profound significance between numerous actions that may not inevitably be taking place at the same time.

Cross cutting also refers to a programming technique. In programming, a specific function is performed by classes, yet they share common secondary requirements with others. This is when the secondary requirements are said to cross-cut into the primary ones. In technical (computer) terms, cross-cutting is concerned with the logging into user-interface and data access layers. There are certain saws which are designed in a way which is used for cutting wood at a right angle. These saws are called as Crosscut saws.

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