What Does Breezy Mean?


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The word breezy takes its form from the noun breeze. Breeze is wind. The atmosphere which is breezy is windy or one can is exposed to breezes. In such atmosphere the winds blow strongly. One can call this atmosphere to be airy or gusty or blustery or blowy or brisk or windswept or buoyant. Some other synonyms that could be used for such an atmosphere are: stormy or squally or blowing hard. The weather which is much more windy or stormy is called breezier when it is compared with some other weather. The weather conditions which are most windy as compared to any other place are called breeziest. A person who does something in such a confident way and with ease is said to do things breezily.

Breezy carries yet another meaning which is used metaphorically. A person who is cheerful, confident and relaxed is also said to have a breezy personality. Example: He is man with a breezy charisma.
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The word breezy is an adjective, it means : With a little wind, ex : It's breezy today, and breeze can be verb and noun it means : A light wind.

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