What Does Obstetrics Mean?


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The branch of medicine that is associated with the delivery of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the convalescent period post delivery is called as obstetrics.

It is the job of the obstetrician to ensure that the pregnancy results in the delivery of a healthy new-born without affecting the health of the mother. In obstetrics, the pregnant mother's health is monitored closely. The history of her health is recorded and evaluated. Physical tests are done to find out the uterine size and the estimated duration of her pregnancy. In case any kind of abnormality is detected, prenatal testing is done on the foetus.

Ultrasonography helps the obstetrician to find out images of the fetus development during pregnancy. CDS (Color Doppler Sonography) is a technique which is used to evaluate the blood-flow to the placenta and uterus during pregnancy. The baby's delivery is aided by taking note of the Friedman's chart which shows the cervical dilation patterns. Antiseptics are also used by obstetricians to minimize the chances of infection during childbirth. The study of obstetrics is also feasible for having successful caesarean pregnancies.

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