What Does Cesarean Mean?


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The word Cesarean comes from the Latin. The verb "caedere" in Latin means "to cut". Cesarean is a term used in medicine to describe a procedure used in certain cases to deliver unborn babies. In case there is a fear of complications developing while giving birth which may endanger life or in case the mother dies before childbirth an incision is made in the stomach and uterus of the mother to bring out the child.

The word "Caesarean" was mistakenly believed to have come from the name of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. It was mistaken belief that he was born through a caesarean section procedure and that the procedure henceforth bore his name. It is now well known that this was all humbug.

When a normal delivery or vaginal delivery is not possible due to several reasons such as prolonged labour, maternal distress, contracted pelvis, size of the baby being too large etc doctors opt for this procedure.
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Cesarean came from the Roman Empire Julius Caesar
Facts shows that he was the first man in recorded history to be born breech. That way his mother had to have a Cesarean. Which in the called in later years a cesarean. From Latin origin of his last name Caesar

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