What Does Tickling Mean From A Boy?


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A boy who likes to tickle you could have a number of diverse intentions. Boys at different ages have different agendas. It could be that he simply likes you but doesn't know how to tell you. His tickling you could be his way of trying to get your attention. He probably just wants to say 'hey girl, look at me'. It's the equivalent of a little boy pulling a girl's pigtails on the play ground.

Sometimes the boy isn't interested in the girl at all, but loves the attention. In other cases, especially with younger, meaner boys, they tickle girls simply because they can. It's not the same as bossing over other people but it gives them a sense of control to see someone else helpless after all that tickling. If you are a boy, being tickled by another boy, then he probably wants to annoy you.
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Maybe guys just like to hear girls giggle and they like to touch you and he dose probably like you
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Tickling from a boy. As the first answer states, could mean various things. It could mean that he likes you and is trying to flirt with you.

It could mean that he is wanting to(if he isn't already) become friends. If he is your friend, it could be with playing with you.

Do your homework. Study the guy's behavior. Then look up online what the behavior means. It could have something to do with him tickling you.
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Yeah I have to agree....
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Not if its a relative {dad, brother, etc} .. In most cases. But if its some guy you're not related too, most likely yes!
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It could mean that he doesn't like you because I know when I tickle a girl especially fat ones I do it cause she's ugly and I want to see her get embarrassed. LOL
But yeah he could like you but I doubt it. Like holding hands is = like, love.
Tickling (fatty)= I want to make you pee your pants cause you're a fat girl.
Tickling (skinny)= I want to get in your pants

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