Recently I've Broken Down Crying A Lot. What Does This Mean?


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The most obvious - but then again silly answer - is that you are upset about something. Clearly that is the case, but often the immediate cause of your crying (like someone cracking a joke at your expense) is triggering a deeper emotional problem. Things which would normally not bother you are touching a nerve and you find yourself feeling more sensitive. There are a number of reasons for this including: stress, anxiety or depression and hormonal changes.

Most women (due to menstruation) and teenagers of both sexes go through hormonal changes which leave our body in turmoil. Sometimes a drop in our seratonin levels (our happy hormone) can leave us a blubbering mess.

Stress plays a big impact on your emotions. If a situation or your workload is adding extra pressure and you are not taking enough relaxation time, the body will try to release this tension in any way possible.

Anxiety and depression can also cause you to have rapid mood changes and emotional outbursts. Try to find the cause of your anxieties and work at removing them from your life. It would be advisable to talk to a friend, family member, doctor or counsellor who can help you work through any problems.

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