What Is Schematic Capture? Define It Clearly?


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The schematic captures are also known as schematic entries. It refers to that stage of the electronic design automation where the designer actually draws the diagram/schematics of the electronic circuit. A special tool used to draw that schematic is known as schematic editor.

In order to design any electronic circuit, at first we need to design this schematic. Usually this schematic is sketched on a paper roughly, and then transferred to the schematic editors. Thus, it is a first step in the circuit design procedure.

In the beginning, the schematic drawing was so difficult. The circuit designer had to sketch all the circuit schematic manually. But now a days, it has become easier due to the different computer aided design tools. There is variety of these full featured computer aided design programs available.

The process of entering the circuit diagram/schematic into these computer aided programs is known as schematic capture. The schematic capture also involves the selection of package that you need for your design.

Sometimes the components/parts that you require in your circuit design may not be available in the component/parts library of CAD, so you should carefully select the package that is according to your needs.

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