What Does Sought Mean?


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'Sought' is the past particle of the verb 'to seek.' This verb can also mean, 'to search' or 'to look for.' The past participle, 'sought' refers to what has happened in the past.
When using the verb when referring to a current situation in the present tense you would say: "I am seeking a new job opportunity."
On the other hand, if you are referring to a time that has already past and are referring back to the past tense you would say: "Last year, I sought a new job opportunity."
This form of the past particle is not very common in everyday use though. Although it is grammatically correct, it may be more common to hear someone say something similar to these examples when referring to a past action:
"Last year, I had been seeking a new job opportunity."
"Last year, I was seeking a new job opportunity."
When it comes to which form of the past participle you use, it is largely left up to personal preference. Unlike in some languages such as in French or Spanish, English only has one type of past tense so there is less chance of making a grammatical error when referring to a past action that is now over and done with.
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Sought is the past-participle of the word "to seek." Sought means "looked for or searched for." It could also mean "asked for." The other synonyms of the word "sought" are "inquired about, requested, required and wanted.

Here is an example of the usage of the word in a sentence: Hitler sought for power since a young age. With a set of problems besieging his every move, he sought the guidance of his father for inspiration.

The phrase "sought-after" means something or someone who is famous and popular. Such a thing or individual is in heavy demand, desired and appreciated by everybody.

Here is an example: Al Pacino is still one of the most sought after actors. "Sought" entered popular English literature in the beginning of the 11th century.
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It means that you would seek something or someone
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It is past or present for SEEK or SEARCH

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