What Does The Name Gonzales Mean?


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The name Gonzales is basically a patronymic name meaning 'the son of Gonzalo'. The name Gonzalo in turn is derived from the medieval name Gundisalvus, which was the Latin version of a Germanic name constituted of the elements 'gund' meaning war and the word 'saly' of which the meaning is not known. Gonzales is a common Spanish surname.

Gonzales is the name of a city situated in Monterey County in California, United States. As per the population census in the year 2000, it housed a total of 7,525 inhabitants. Similarly to several other towns, the city of Gonzales possesses a water tower. As per the United States Census Bureau, the city covers a total area of 3.7 square kilometres. It is racially diverse, housing people belonging to various races.
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It means the son of poops

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