What Does Work Sought Mean?


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‘Work sought’ means that somebody is looking for a job. If you are asked for the work sought, you are being asked what kind of employment you are actually looking for. Many people across the world have to take measures to ensure that they can get themselves a job after the global financial crisis that began in 2008. Ever since, in the United Kingdom, the manufacturing industry has been on the decline, and many workers have lost their jobs through structural unemployment.

These people will be continuing to fill in form after form, claiming that they need to find a new job. They will be asked about the work sought, and they may have to explain precisely what their skills are, whether they’re going to be able to fulfill a particular role, or indeed what kind of work they are actually looking for.

In today’s economic climate, however, nobody can really be picky when it comes to getting a new job. Most people will take any vacancy that comes along, as it will provide them with the income they need and make them feel more proud, yet again. Unlike in the US, people in the UK will not have to do all that much concerning looking for work if they are classed as structurally unemployed. They will be allowed to continue taking their unemployment benefits, no matter what.

In the United States, however, their local authority will be asking them to prove that they are currently looking for a job, and one of the questions no doubt would be ‘work sought?’ This would mean that the local authority is asking them what they’re doing to find a job, and what kind of job they’re actually looking for in order to be able to make a living again. There may also only be benefits available for a few months instead of indefinitely.

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