What Does Eddy Mean?


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The term eddy can be used in reference with a rapid rotation current of water, for example: a whirlpool, or a swirl of water. Water moving in a spiral or rotational motion can be termed in one word as an eddy. Usually one sees the formation of an eddy at a point in the river where the melting water from the snow meets the main river. The whirlpool created as a result, is nothing but an eddy. The current of water always move opposite to the direction of the main current.

The term eddy can also be extended to mean "a drift from the conventional way of thinking and outlook." Eddy current is also an occurrence which is caused by the intersection of a moving magnetic field with a conductor. The word "Eddy" also refers to a fictional character from the cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy. This phenomenon is also known in electro-magnetism study as Foucault current. Eddy, incidentally is also the name of an award given to the software for the Mac OS X operating system. The word Eddy is also a nick-name for popular names like Edward, Edwin, Edison or Eddie.

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