What Does Reprimand Mean?


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A reprimand refers to the type of police prosecution that is done within in the United Kingdom. A reprimand is generally given to people who are under the age of 17 years, who are found breaking the law. It is also known as the arrest of such people for the first time. A reprimand in a way is like an opportunity which makes the offender think about what they have done, it makes the offender think about what they have done and realizing the consequences of their actions.

A reprimand does not stand for criminal conviction; however it is take as a note for the individual on the police computers as a record which will be helpful in the future. Reprimand is generally issued for the limited period of five years or till the offender turns the age of 18, or which ever is the longer period of time.
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To be disciplined.
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It means when you get your wrists slapped for doing summat wrong. They slap you with thick sausages. Hard!

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