What Does Culpable Homicide Mean?


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At its core the term "culpable homicide" refers to an unlawful killing which is not classified as murder due to the evil intention of killing being absent. It is a term that is used in Scottish law and amongst several places and countries where the English Common Law system of Justice is administered. It is equitable to the term manslaughter.

Culpable homicide is classified into two broad categories voluntary and involuntary culpable homicide. A culpable homicide is thus classified on the basis of the "mens rea" being present or not. The Latin term "mens rea" translates to "guilty mind" and is one of the basic principles used in Criminal Law. It comes from the Latin phrase that goes "actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea" which means "the act will not make a person guilty unless the mind is also guilty".
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The crime of manslaughter is termed as culpable homicide. It is a kind of criminal homicide. It's a term in the Law of Scotland that covers a number of criminal homicides equivalent to manslaughter in legal criminal jurisdictions.
Culpable homicide is usually broken down into 'involuntary culpable homicide' and 'involuntary culpable homicide'. Voluntary culpable homicide is one in which the mens rea (literally "guilty mind") for murder is present, but the circumstances may reduce the act to culpable homicide. In involuntary culpable homicide, the mens rea for murder may not be present, but either the circumstances which caused the death or the independent mens rea make it a culpable homicide. Involuntary culpable homicide may arise in context of lawful or unlawful act. The requirement of mens rea is different in every case.

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