What Does Homicide Mean?


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Homicide means the killing or murder of one person by another. It can refer also to a person who has committed the act of murder or killing another.

The word homicide comes from the Middle English and was derived from the Old French. It comes originally from the Latin "homicidium" which is an amalgamation of "homo" or human being and "caedere" or to kill.

As per Biblical accounts the first homicide was when Abel was killed by Cain. Paintings of Cain after he had committed homicide depicted him walking with his wife and children, all of them looking wretched, but wretched of all and marked for ever walked Cain, cursed as the first murderer.

Homicide is basically the killing of another human being. Homicide may not necessarily be illegal, like in self defense etc, but in legal systems only illegal killings are termed homicide.
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Homicide, or murder, is the intentional, usually premeditated, killing of another person. There are varying degrees of this in the legal system ( ie. Murder in the first degree, etc.) that depend on the conditions of the murder, such as how much premeditation was involved how the victim was killed or for what reason (crime of passion, mercy killing or whatever).
An unintentional, accidental killing or one without premeditation aforethought is usually considered manslaughter and carries a lesser sentence. An example of this might be causing a car accident in which some one dies or being negligent in some aspect.
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It means to kill someone. When you kill someone you commit homicide
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Its when someone murders someone else
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Homicide means murder. Someone kills someone else so that would be called homicide.
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Someone kill someone else
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The word means to kill a human being and is derived for the Latin word "homicidium"
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"Homicide (Latin homicidium, homo human being + caedere to cut, kill) refers to the act of killing another human being . . . Although "homicide" is often used as a synonym for "murder," this is not formally correct."
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Homicide is murder when you kill something or someone suicide is when you kill yourself. There for this would be more along the lines of crime criminal investigation. That is homicide....

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