What Does Phonological Mean?


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The word phonological means something which relates to or is of phonology, which is defined as the study of the sounds used in speech. The word phonology is the root word from which the word phonological is derived. Phonology is, in turn, derived from the two Greek words, namely the word phone, which means voice or sound, and the word logos, which means word or speech.

Phonology is also known as phonemics. Phonology or phonemics is defined as a subfield of grammar. It is related to that branch of study which is known as linguistics. Whereas phonetics is that broad branch of grammar which deals with the nature of sounds or phones per se, the field of phonology describes the way sounds function within a given language. It is a narrower field of study than phonetics. The field of phonology studies the distinctive sounds of words in a language, which are known as phonemes.

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