What Is The Definition Of Conceptualise?


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The correct spelling is either CONCEPTUALIZE (US English) or CONCEPTUALISE (UK English.) The verb to conceptualize means to form, or describe, a mental picture of something; or to think in an abstract way. On the simplest level, we all conceptualize all the time - every time you form a mental picture of an object, for example, you are doing this. If you are unable to conceptualize something, it usually means that you have no experience of it, or can't really understand it (for instance, is it possible to conceptualize infinite space? ie, can we really picture it?)

A conceptualized approach to a subject usually means that you see it in abstract terms, perhaps in terms of patterns, overall meanings etc, rather than just looking at parts of it. For example, a conceptualized view of a piece of literature would involve seeing it in terms of themes and meaning, not just individual images etc.

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