What Does Rack Mean?


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Kicked in the balls
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The word rack refers to a number of things. It refers to a stand or framework in which things are held or displayed. It refers also to the triangular frame that is used in pool or billiards to arrange the balls. It refers to the frame which holds aircraft bombs. Rack can also refer to the receptacle for feed seen in livestock pens. It can refer to the device used for torturing individuals; the body was positioned stretched on a rack. As a term of slang it can refer to a bed and as a lewd slang to the breast of a female. It can also refer to a cause or state of intense or immense anguish.

Rack can also refer to a particular synchronized way in which a horse moves. It can refer to wind driven clouds when they form up in a thin mass. It also refers to a cut of veal or lamb that is wholesaled or retailed.

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