What Does Presbyterian Mean?


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The word Presbyterian relates to the presbyters. Presbyterian refers to the government by the presbyters. The word Presbyters has a Greek origin and is taken from the word 'presbuteros'. It is the comparative of presbus which means 'old man'. Later, it was adapted by the Late Latin. Anything that relates to the church of presbyters is also addressed as Presbyterian. Thus, the church is termed Presbyterian Church. A person who is a member of this church or a follower of the rules of this church is termed Presbyterian.

Presbyterianism is a word formed from the term Presbyterian. Presbyterianism is a type of Protest Christianity. There is an International Presbyterian Church in England and Wales that was started in 1970s. it was founded by Francis Schaeffer. These Presbyterian follows five doctrines: scripture, faith, Christ, grace and God. They regard only these five principles and human salvation.
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When not capitalized, presbyterian means "pertaining to or based on the principle of ecclesiastical government by presbyters or presbyteries."  When capitalized, Presbyterian means "designating or pertaining to various churches having this form of government and professing more or less modified forms of Calvinism."
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