What Does Crusader Mean?


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A crusader is defined as a person who strongly supports and even plays an active role in the process of bringing about reforms or changes and works tirelessly towards a cause he or she is passionate about. The synonym of the word crusader is disputant. This is because all reformers or crusaders have a rebellious and aggressive streak. They are defined as rebels with a cause and also as rebels without a pause.

A crusader is also a warrior. The crusaders were a military force who took part in a series of Crusades, or holy wars. These holy wars or Crusaders were fought between the Christians and the Muslims. The Crusaders were the Christian forces who sought to recapture the holy land, as Jerusalem in Israel is known, from the Muslims, in whose possession the city was. The Christians viewed the Muslims with scorn and contempt, and termed them derogatorily as barbarians.

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