What Is The Meaning Of "The World Is Not Enough."? Does It Mean We Need The Spiritual In Addition To The Material? Or Just The Opposite? Thank You.


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According to my personal knowledge and research the phrase The world is not enough can actually be taken in different contexts. It can mean that the world is not enough as man can strive beyond his present condition and make things better. On the other hand it can also mean that the world is not the limit for man he can explore things beyond it. It also conveys that man has to struggle till the time he dies. This world is not enough for him as he wants more on his every achievement.
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It is a very poignant quote, because its dual interpretation is both the realization of human nature and the human condition. "The world is not enough" in that no human system ("the world") will ever be able to make right the atrocious horror and evil we see. Consequently, one can say, "The world is not enough" in a bitter tone, as if to say that "the world" does not meet with their ideals and falls short of what is good or ideal (e.g. "The world sucks"). One can also say at the same time, "The world is not enough", as if to indicate that human achievement will never be able to sate the infinite void of desire for personal and communal progress in the human soul. The phrase is interesting because in one moment it shows what is creating the human problem that makes us hate the world, "I want more, the world is not enough", and the sentiment that makes us despise how atrocious the world is, "How tragic life is! The world is not enough".

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