What Does Pleomorphic Mean?


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Pleomorphic refers to something that is relating to or concerning pleomorphism, like in the pleomorphic features of bacteria. The word pleomorphic literally refers to 'varying shapes'.

In the area of chemistry, pleomorphism refers to the subsistence of different types of crystal obtained from the same chemical compound.

In biology terms, pleomorphic refers to the manifestation of two or more noticeably different variations in the life cycle of some beings.

It is used in the case of certain plants, to denote the taking place of two, or more than two structural variations.

In the initial stages of the twentieth century, the tem was used to describe the apparent capability of bacteria to change form in a dramatic manner or to exist in many changing variations.

Today it is nearly accepted all over the world that every bacterial cell is obtained from a formerly existing cell of almost the same size as well as shape.

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