What Does Phallic Means?


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Phallic means related or pertaining to the Phallus. Phallic is the adjective form of Phallus. It is an expression that indicates the male reproductive organ or sexual organ that have generative powers. Thus it refers to the penis in an erect form. Phallic is also used to describe the things or objects that represent or resemble the phallus.

There are several terms related with word phallic. Some of them are phallic rituals, phallic cults. They both are an indication of the adoration for the phallus. There is a stage known as the phallic stage in the psycho-sexual development of psychoanalytic theory which is from the ages of three to six. There are many phallic symbols in the world like the Shiv linga, swords, knifes and even the neck tie which is a representation of the phallus.

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