What Does 'Do It For Fenton' Mean?


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There is no real consensus on the meaning of the phrase "Do It for Fenton". The "Do It for Fenton" bumper stickers were sold beginning in the year 1999 by Dave Matthews Band (DMB). As of the year 2000, Fenton has been in-charge for the real-time video production through each show. One story has it that the phrase originated a show one night when a girl had a phallic shape imprinted on her hand. Some are of the belief that the quote on the sticker is an allusion to the antics of Dave at this show.

There is another story that entails Fenton's fiancee penning on a piece of paper "Do It For Fenton" in DMB's manager, Coran Capshaw's office. It was then that Coran printed the "Do It for Fenton" stickers.

Fenton Williams was with the band as their lighting director until the year 2000. He started off with them as their road manager since the year 1992. It seems that no matter what the real story may well be, it comprises an inside joke.

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