How Do You Become A Mayor?


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A mayor is usually the title bestowed on a municipal officer of the highest rank. The procedure for becoming a mayor varies greatly depending on which place a candidate is running from, since prerequisites will differ depending on the place and the rules and eligibility for the position will also be very different.

Simplistically to become a mayor of any place one has to get elected as mayor. However this is far from easy and requires a good deal of planning, support from both the public and influential circles and money especially to finance one's campaign.

For an example let's assume one wants to be elected as the mayor of London. Firstly a candidate must carefully adhere to all the stringent rules for standing as a candidate, including being registered to vote in London among many others. Next an eligible candidate must fill a 'consent to nomination' form. Next the candidate must watch out for the 'notice of election' which will mark the start of the election process. When it is out they must formally declare themselves as candidates. After a great deal of other steps, the candidate can then campaign and if he wins will be instated as mayor.
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*  Live in a municipality that elects a mayor such as a city or borough
*  Meet the eligibility requirements such as citizenship and age
*  Get on the ballot: You must find out when mayor is up for election in your locality and all the campaign finance rules related to getting on the ballot.  These vary state to state. 
*  Win the primary and receive 50%+1 of the vote in the general election.  Take some time to learn how to win a local election.  local is a good place to start.
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YOu must have proven reasons to prove that you are the best person for the job.

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