What Does Ripley Mean?


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Ripley is mostly a habitational name which could have its roots in any of a number of various places scattered over different areas of England. It probably has its origins in Old English; ripel meaning 'strip of land' plus leah meaning 'wood', 'clearing'. The name Ripley is also believed to mean serene.

Some prominent people sharing the surname Ripley include the statistician who is linked to the R programming language, Brian D. Ripley; American ornithologist, S. Dillon Ripley; Civil War Union general, James W. Ripley.

The name is also popularly associated with Robert Ripley and Ripley's Believe It or Not. Robert Ripley is the one who created Ripley's Believe It or Not of. This American is also a cartoonist and entrepreneur. There are also a number of places by the name of Ripley, particularly in England and America.
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The word 'Ripley' can be used for a girl's name and also for a boy and the meaning that can be figured out from the use of the word is 'shouting man's meadow'. Every scholar agree that the word has its origin in the Old English but there is some contradiction about the meaning of the word; some people figure out another meaning from the use of the word and they say that that it conveys the idea of 'strip clearing'.

As a first name the word is not very popular and seldom people use it as such but as a surname its popularity is at par with some of the most popular surnames in the world. You can also find some variants of the name and among them two are the most popular; they are Ripleigh and Riply.

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