What Does Degenerative Mean?


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Degenerative is an adjective which means 'of, involving, relating to, or causing degeneration,' such as a degenerative illness. It could mean characterized by degeneration. It means being marked by a continuing deterioration of cells and organs with loss of function. It could be a gradual breaking down or wearing away.

In the medical sense of the term, a related word is chronic meaning being recurrent and long-lasting or being characterized by long suffering. Degenerative diseases are usually associated with old age yet they can be caused by a number of other factors such as environment and lifestyle. Examples of degenerative illnesses include Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, degenerative arthritis, degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint disease.

It is related to the word degeneration, which as a noun may refer to the process of degenerating or else the state of being degenerate.
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Degeneration as a noun may refer to the process of degenerating or else the state of being degenerate. It could imply a lowering of vitality, effective power, or fundamental quality to a weak and worsened state or kind. It could also refer to a decline that is intellectual, artistic or moral in nature.

Medically speaking in particular it could mean the gradual deterioration of certain organs tissues or cells along with corresponding loss of function, or impairment which results from disease, injury, or simply aging. In the field of biology it refers to the evolutionary deterioration or the loss of a function, structure or a characteristic seen in a particular organism or a species.

In terms of electronics, degeneration refers to either a loss of or gain in power found in an amplifier which is the result of unintentional negative feedback.

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