What Does My Name Mark Mean?


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Mark name means "defender", "hammer", "warlike" and "dedicated to Mars(God of War not the Planet Mars)" in its Latin origin.
In its Hebrew meaning, It means polite, shining.
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There is also a book named Mark name in History which is a unique volume of fascinating facts, statistics and commentary following the Mark family name as far back in history as possible.
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It means that you probably will be good at sports, and really funny!! He will probably have a girlfriend by the 5th grade! He will get ok grades and tall yet skinny. Popular and Friends with a lot of girls!!!
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When you meet a mark he is mostly going to be young,hansom,in great shape and very nice and helpful most of the time and they are very funny
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It means a strong brave soldier .  Also soldier of the Lord .
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ISI mark = International Statistical Institute mark...
But don't know only mark...

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