What Does 'Buttoned Up' Mean?


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Buttoned up means to fasten with buttons or to fasten the clothing tightly to protect oneself from say, a bout of cold wind. "Button up" can also mean to tie securely or close tightly. You can also associate the term "wrapping up" or finishing up the last bit of an activity with "buttoning up."

When a person is close mouthed or refuses to speak, he or she is said to be "buttoned up." For example: Little Cathy's lips were buttoned up whenever her father would enter the house. A person who lies still and motionless is also said to be buttoned up. Being indecisive or ambiguous is another meaning of the phrase being "being buttoned up."

One can also relate the word "buttoned up" to safety and security. When a person says that he is buttoned up, it means that he is feeling okay and is safe.

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