What Are 5 Example's Of Someones Values?


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There are plenty of different values a person could have, but here's a list of five examples of pretty standard values:


Looking after family is a strong value that held by many people.  This includes putting family first, and making sure that they're okay.  It also means you're there for family through difficult times, and are always honest to them.


Many people around the world value a religious belief of some sort.  This value is demonstrated through lifestyle choices, and by following the rules set out by the religion.


Having respect for all people is a value that many hold dear.  If everyone held this value, I believe the world would be a much better place!


Honesty is an important value to many people, and it's certainly a positive value to hold.  Being honest with people is always something people should attempt to do.


The final example of examples of people's values is love.  This is a big one because it can relate to loving your partner, family, and also friends. 

Here's a video explaining exactly what core personal values are:

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