What Does Monogamy Mean?


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Monogamy, in other words, means, married or committed to one person, and one person only, at any one period of time. This is the opposite of polygamy, which means married or committed to many persons at one time.

Monogamy is a prerequisite of human society, in almost all cultures across the globe, except perhaps in a few archaic ones.

A man and a woman are expected to remain committed to each other throughout their marriage or friendship to each other, unless they get divorced or separate.

If one partner strays from his commitment, then it can be referred to as 'adultery', where one person in a marriage or partnership has a sexual relationship with another, outside of the partnership.
Monogamy is observed in certain species in the animal kingdom too, where one partner remains with another throughout its life, and they help each other in bringing up their children.
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It refers to marriage between one man and one woman for life, i.e. Until death do them part.    A more modern interpretation is what is called serial monogamy, where men and women have one partner, and may even be married to them, but split up and then join with other partners to whom they are faithful until they go on to the next relationship.  This is not true monogamy.    It is derived from two Greek words (monos)=single (gyne)=woman or wife.
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Monogamy is a belief system in which you can only be maried to one (1) partner at a time...
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Monogamy basically means marriage with one person at a time.
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Monogamy basically means marriage with one person at a time. It is often said to be the tradition of having a single mate during a phase of time. The expression monogamy originates from the Greek expression monos, which normally means single or alone and the Greek term gamos, which means marriage or coming together.

It precisely means being married to one individual only. Monogamy is one of the many mating methods see in animals. The total of collective monogamy in animals differs across taxa, with nearly 90 percent birds indulging in social monogamy where as only 3 percent of mammals indulge in social monogamy.

The quantity of sexual monogamy takes place quiet rarely in the animal kingdom; however it is being concluded that even animals which are socially monogamous indulge in extra-pair copulations.

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