What Does Polygamy Mean?


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Polygamy is just that ,where a man has up to any where of 10 or more wifes and children.It is legal in some states.and wow if they are collecting aid from the government. Id like to see the checks and food stamps they get.a heck of a lot. But some work I will not judge.but I could not share my man with other wives seems to me he is getting all the cake and icing.I think it should be illegal in all states.
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          Polygyny is one man married to several women. Polyandry is one woman married to several men. Polygamy refers to either arrangement.              Polygyny is the most commonly practiced form of multiple marriage. It is generally based on economics, and allows the highest number of children to be born.              The first wife retains the higher status, with younger wives acting almost as sisters. But the husband shares the bed of all wives, with resulting children raised communally.            The most famous polygamous community was that of the Mormons (Church of Latter-day Saints) of the Western U.S. State of Utah. While illegal, polygamy is still practiced in isolated areas, while authorities turn a blind eye.            Currently, only four societies practice polyandry: Certain areas of Tibet, the Todas of Southern India, the Sherpas of the Himalayans, and residents of the Marquesas islands.            There are two types of polyandrous arrangements: Fraternal, and non-fraternal. The former is most widely practiced and involves two brothers married to the same woman.              Fraternal polyandry builds strong familial ties, with each brother treating all children as his own. Larger families add to economic stability with a bigger workforce. It also allows one brother to stay home while the other looks for work that will support the entire family group.
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Polygamy is what Bill and his wives did on Big Love.
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The polygamy is basically a term that is used in social anthropology and socio-biology and sociology. It is known in Late Greek as Many marriages or else it even refers to "form of marriage in which a person [has] more than one spouse." In terms of socio-biology, it is used for multiple mating. In terms of zoologists it refers to some kind of a pair bonding.

Individuals who are organically alienated from other polygamists in their civilization use other mediums to come across supplementary spouses. Some even take the help of the new age technology, the Internet. On the other hand, some individuals come together with the help of mutual friends or may be even distant friends.

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