What Does Moxie Mean?


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The word "moxie" was originally a slang term. It is now a noun meaning the ability to meet difficulties with courage and spirit. It refers to ones initiative or aggressive energy. It also means know-how and skill. Synonyms of the word include grit, sand, guts, backbone, gumption and the lewd word balls.

The word "moxie" entered the American language because of a soft drink that was being marketed. The soft drink called "moxie" was introduced in 1876 by a Dr Augustin Thompson. The drink claimed to be a cure for nervous exhaustion, loss of manhood, helplessness and imbecility. It was said too give a person back their spunk. Hence it entered the language when referring to an individual as being "full of moxie". Later most of these claims made by Moxie along with the false tales of the plants it was supposed to be extracted from had to be dropped when more ethical advertising practices were enforced.
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It means your savy, your hip to whats going on.  Ie. If your a good street cop, than you have moxie.  You know whats happening.  You know whats up.  Your hip to it.
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Moxie mean Moxo-see

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