What Does Metamorphosis Means?


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Metamorphosis is the evolution of an animal during its life cycle. It refers to the changes of form insects go through in their life cycle from egg to immature stages to adult. They grow from the larval stage to the pupal stage and then to the reproductive adult stage. Thus it is a marked and more or less abrupt developmental change in the form or structure of an animal like a butterfly or a frog.    Metamorphosis therefore can be defined as the cycle of change. It is the stages of a life cycle. Some of the insects or animals experience complete metamorphosis that consists of four stages where the egg turns into larva and then pupa and finally adult. Some other animals go through incomplete metamorphosis which has only three stages i.e. From the egg to nymph and then the adult. Aquatic animals usually go through incomplete metamorphosis. Butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis. There are two types of metamorphosis in insects, hemimetabolism and holometabolism.
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Metamorphosis is the change in structures and habits of an animal during normal growth!!that's the answer .....heheheheheh....
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Metamorphosis is basically a process in biology. It is a process that is followed by an animal throughout his life. It is the physical development of an animal after birth. The word itself means transformation or change.

The Metamorphosis in most of the animals happens in distinct stages. It starts off with a larva or a nymph, which develops into a pupa. This pupa then develops into an adult. The insects undergo two types of Metamorphosis which are called Hemimetabolism and Holometabolism.

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