What Does Matted Mean?


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Matted means an even portion of whichever carpet like substance, which is used as a enhancing or decorative or a defending/protective floor covering. It is also used for cleaning/wiping of shoes in order to remove the dirt or for captivating the impact on falling or landing in gymnastics, etc.

In thesaurus it means a rug or a carpet, or a floor covering which is also called a runner or an underlay. It is a small portion of carpet-like entangled or interwoven fabric or a hard material. It has the idiom on the mat. It is derived from Latin.
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Matted can also simply be used to describe when a fibrous structure, for example hair, is tangled up in a thick mass. For example take the following sentence;

After spending three weeks camping in the wilderness Mark had had little time to groom himself and his hair had become quite matted.

Hope that helps.

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