What Does "The Hood" Mean?


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Its means yo ghetto
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The term "the hood" may refer to one of two things. It may be the name of a character either in a Marvel Comics Comic book or it may be the name of the main villain and bad guy in the series known as the ""Thunderbirds".

The comic book titled "the Hood" was released by Marvel Comics in the year 2003. It was based on a petty villain or low life thug, Parker Robins who turns into a hero once he develops superpowers after donning a red cloak he steals from some alien cum demon. The Hood is the name of the character he becomes once he dons the cloak. Alternately the villain in the Thunderbird series is never revealed. His character as a villain involves him causing major accidents to occur, lure the International Rescue team and try and steal their high tech vehicles.

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