What Does Luteal Mean?


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The word luteal is an adjective. When something is referred to as luteal, it relates to or involves the corpus luteum. Corpus luteum is structure found in females. In Latin, corpus luteum means 'yellow body'. It is an endocrine structure and measures one millimetre. This structure helps in maintaining pregnancy in females. When corpus luteum is in the ovary, it secretes the hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Thus, these hormones which are especially steroidal in nature could also be termed as luteal hormones.

Luteal also relates to the luteal phase or secretory phase of the menstrual cycle (of human) and estrous cycle (of animals). This phase is marked by the formation of corpus luteum. This corpus luteum is reduced to corpus albicans, when the egg released from the ovary is not fertilized. There is also Luteal Phase Defect which disrupts the implantation of the placenta.

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