What Does Lethargic Mean?


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Lethargy refers to that which is of, or pertaining to lethargy. One who is lethargic is basically lacking in alertness, both mentally and physically. Lethargy can be used to describe that state wherein one is sluggish and slow. Simply put, lethargy is the deficiency of activity in a person, one that is not at all energetic. It is weakness that is portrayed through a severe lack of vitality or enthusiasm.

Lethargy may also be described as the condition of unconsciousness which is similar to deep slumber. It is a condition of torpor that resembles a coma.

Lethargic may also refer to one that is lacking in emotion, on who is disinterested. It means he who is detached and indifferent. It may be used to describe someone who is impassive or unresponsive to various stimuli.
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Lethargic is not much energy ,can't be bothered ,tired not your usual self  best way I could describe it hope this helps
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Lethargic is tired, loss of energy, not your usual self sorry this is the only way I could describe it hope this helps
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To be lethargic is to be extremely tired and listless.  Not much movement etc.
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To be both physically and mentally tired - to be both uninterested in things and barely conscious about the things happening around you.
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Lethargic means sluggish or lazy. Sluggish is it's adjective. You can write it in a sentence as;
His attitude in learning is lethargic.
Energetic is it's antonym.
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If you are lethargic you are drowsy
hope this helps :)
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It means your mot necessarily physically tired, but almost as though your in a waking dream. To snap out of it try something extreme; such as hard sex or bungee jumping or even an ice cold bath. And stop smoking too much weed !

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